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To receive the most accurate quote regarding your windshield or auto glass replacement or repair, please provide as much information as you can when filling out the form below. We will do our best to give a thorough assessment, but it is helpful to have information that is as clear and accurate as possible.

Our quote form for auto glass replacement and rock chip repairs now allows you to upload photos directly from your mobile device. A picture is worth a thousand words, give or take. A clear picture of your VIN, “bug” and/or damaged area, may give us all the information we need to provide an accurate quote with pricing and availability.

Important information: Vehicle Identification Number

Your Vehicle Identification Number is commonly referred to as your VIN, and it can be found on your insurance paperwork, at the bottom edge of your windshield on the driver’s side, or located on a decal in the driver’s door opening.

HELPFUL TIP!  Have your insurance papers available as they can be very helpful for determining vehicle information and your glass coverages.

Check your info “bug”


The auto glass industry refers to the stamp on your windshield as a “Bug” or “monogram” which can be found on the bottom left, right or center of the windshield. The bug can give us pertinent information about your windshield. If your windscreen has ever been changed before or you drive a Ford, there will likely be an alpha numeric in the format “FW01234 or DW01234” which refers to Foreign or Domestic Windshield followed by their part number. This number tells us everything we need short of one option, a blue, green, grey or no shade at the top of the windshield. There are often multiple windshield options for each vehicle, and some can have more than 10 options depending on model, so we may will still need your VIN, or to have you stop by to confirm.